Welcome to AMPlex Business Consultancy


AMPlex Business Consultancy exists to help clients across a range of business issues. We support your company across a number of key areas from short-term one-off activities to complete long-term projects, from small and medium-sized businesses right up to large corporations. Our goal is to provide measurable value through clearly integrated, sustainable solutions to address the challenges your company faces in today's business environment. Key areas of focus are :-

Strategy Identification & Planning - Set the Compass

Keeping the focus on working together to deliver a pragmatic and realistic strategy to achieve your goals. The outcome in this area is to deliver a clear and executable strategy not a "White Paper".

Real Business Improvement - Unlocking the Potential

"If you are standing still you are falling behind". Business today is around continually improving and innovating. With a wealth of proven experience in this area and hundreds of $m's of additional profitability delivered globally AMPlex can help your business achieve its Full Potential.

Change & Transformation Execution - Make it Happen

Strategy and plans are great but even today a huge percentage fail. The key to success is simple to say but difficult to do and that is execution of the plan to primarily deliver the benefits that have been targetted.

With a proven track record in delivering transformational change AMPlex can help you make the difference you want through your strategic vision.

Interim Management & Leadership

We know there are times when companies need a quick response and a level-head to assist with short-term challenges. At AMPlex we undertake short interim management and leadership assignments by working with clients to agree what the success criteria will be for them, over what term and how we will work together.

What Makes us Different?


 A track record backed up by hard figures. It is easy to read a book about strategy, customer service or leadership and then talk the talk. Ask yourself though "How many consultancies have the solid track record to back up the talk ?"


At AMPlex we have that experience and proven ability to deliver. We work to the principles of "Helping Clients Succeed" where we will aim to deliver a solution that meets your needs and if we cannot do so we will not take money from you on an engagement we do not believe will deliver for you.


Find out more about the principles that guide our work and the directors of AMPlex Business Consultancy. From strategy planning, business improvement and transformation execution to provision of interim management - we offer comprehensive and personalised support in challenges your company may face.